Randy's Bike and Run Shop




What's new??  2014 Inventory includes Pinarello Razha,  Fuji, Hoffman, FBM, Kink,Trek,Fitbikes these bikes are sick,Verde Bmx, Felt, BH Bikes from Spain and

by popular demand Giro Helmets and the new Rudy Helmets and Rudy Shades.

Mizuno running  shoe have arrived.  Our selection  of Mizuno shoes includes the Wave Rider 16 (RUNNERS WORLD EDITOR'S CHOICE).

Stop by, give these running shoes a try, and you'll love us for it.

Come check out the new Garmin Forerunner 10,Garmin 220,Garmin 620 and the new Edge 510 coming soon this computer is crazy.


Sale Item:  We've got a big selection of merchandise 50% OFF.  Bargins range from

helmets, bike jerseys, tri shorts, running apparel for both guys and gals.  


We also want to wish everyone a Great Year.